Bonatea antennifera

Bonatea porrecta 

  • Bonatea porrecta by Duncan McFarlane
  • Bonatea porrecta by Duncan McFarlane


This species is different to all others in our area in that flowering commences between late June when the leaves have withered, due to the dry and cold weather. The plant starts growing after the early summer rains and continues until late autumn, when it is in full leaf and commences the start of the terminal inflorescence. The leaves have fully withered by mid May. This species is fairly robust and can grow up to just over a meter. The between 9 and 30 flowers are green, except for the stigmatic arms and the base of the lower petal being white. The spur is between 30 and 36mm long. 


This species has a fairly widespread distribution, but most of the localities in Gauteng have been urbanised. I know of only two spots in separate nature reserves.


It is found growing in the shade of a tree, or in full sun, but sheltered by long surrounding grass and usually in a fairly rocky spot.

Flowering Period

June to August.

Refrences and Sources

Text and photos by Duncan Mc Farlane

Proof-read by Karsten Wodrich

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