1st Conference 2016

Proceedings WOSA 1 Conference 2016

Ever wondered what pollinates the night scented Mystacidiums? South Africa has seven species of the epiphytic (growing on trees) Mystacidium. Some are green and some are white flowered. In their paper on page 79, Nic Venter and Prof Craig Peter explain why different moths pollinate the beautiful orchids with some spectacular photographs of the moths in action. Using state of the art, movement triggered night cameras the secret of the moth pollination is unravelled. Download the
complete proceedings of the WOSA 1 Conference held in Dullstroom in January 2016 and find valuable information and spectacular photos in 11 additional articles and 4 workshop summaries. Register for the WOSA 2017 conference from 20-22 January 2017 and “Get to know our orchids” - next year’s conference theme!



Proceedings WOSA 1 Conference 2016 PDF Download


WOSA 2016 Conference


The role of Civil Society in Orchid Conservation

The role of Civil Society in Orchid Conservation was the theme of the first Wild Orchids Southern Africa (WOSA) Conference held in Dullstroom on 30 January 2016. Feedback from delegates indicated that the conference was an overwhelming success, with most coming away: more aware of the real value of our indigenous orchids, having gained an understanding why they are worthy of protection and enthusiastic about getting practically involved in making a difference.


Speakers and leader group. Back row left to right. Lourens Grobler, Jane Kratz- Comms. , Kay Montgomery, Nic Venter, Marinus Kort - projection organiser, Andrew Hankey, Dr. Peter Ashton, Prof Craig Peter, Patrick Mannens.
Seated left to righ Karsten Wodrich- Deputy Chairman, Gerrit van Ede -Tour Leader, Bill Mincher- Chairman, Allan Abel - Committee Member.
Dr. Benny Bytebier not in picture was also a speaker.


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