Eulophia ovalis

Eulophia ovalis

  • Eulophia ovalis by Duncan McFarlane
  • Eulophia ovalis by Duncan McFarlane


The Eulophia ovalis should not be confused with the Eulophia bainsii, previously known as Eulophia ovalis, ssp bainsii, which will be covered in the next article. The outer sepals are purple-maroon in colour, whereas the latter species are a pale cream-yellow. The flower spike, which holds between 7 and 18 flowers, grows to an average of about 40cm and the leaves are fully developed at this point.


This species is known from several locations in and around Johannesburg and is also found in all the central and northern provinces of SA.


Their habitat is also variable, from damp, high altitude grasslands with high rainfall, to areas where less than 600mm occurs. 

Flowering Period

Flowering occurs between November and February.

Refrences and Sources

Text and Photos by Duncan Mc Farlane
Proof-read and edited by Karsten Wodrich

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