Bonatea antennifera

Bonatea antennifera

  • Bonatea antennifera by Duncan McFarlane


A stately robust, autumn flowering species that can grow up to 1,2m in height. The 6 – 21 leaves are greenish-blue and occur along the stem(cauline). The 4 – 44 flowers occur in a lax to dense inflorescence. They are greenish and white coloured.  They are scented at night and visited and pollinated hawk moths.



This species is found wide spread in the summer rain fall areas from sea level up to 1700m.



Bonatea antennifera occurs in savanna grassland and prefers a shady position among shrubs or small trees. Now and then it is found in open grassland, but this is the exception.


Flowering Period

Normally from March till May, but can extend to June. Peak flowering is normally in early April.



Plants can grow up to 1,2m heigh with a large inflorescence.
Leaves are 70-95 x 25-30mm.
Flowers are about 40mm high and 30mm wide.


Conservation Status

This species is indicated as “Least Concerned” (LC) in the South Africa Plant Red Data list.
The species is fortunately fairly common.


Special Notes

This species may be indicated in some literature as Bonatea speciosa var. antennifera. It has again be raised to species level. The leave colour is very distinctive of B. antennifera while B. speciosa has bright green leaves. Some flower segments also differ.



Text by Gerrit van Ede,



  • Bonatea antennifera by Duncan McFarlane
  • Bonatea antennifera by Duncan McFarlane


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