Eulophia hereoensis

Eulophia hereoensis

  • Eulophia hereroensis by Duncan McFarlane
  • Eulophia hereroensis by Duncan McFarlane


This is a distinctive species which is not similar to any others, by way of it's dry growing conditions and 3 erect sepals resembling rabbit ears. The plant is fairly slender and can reach a height of just over half a meter. The leaves are partially to fully developed at flowering time and the pseudobulbs sometimes are partially above the ground. Flowers can be between 5 and 25 and are yellow to greenish yellow, with veined sepals that are striped in a reddish brown to maroon colour. The petals lie forward and the spur is 3 – 4mm long.


This species is distributed over a wide area, but is uncommon in Gauteng and only found in a few localities.


It grows under fairly dry conditions in grasslands and under Acacia thickets.

Flowering Period

Flowering occurs between September and November and has been known to extend up until January.

Refrences and Sources

Text and photos by Duncan Mc Farlane

Proof-read by Karsten Wodrich

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