Holothrix randii

Holothrix randii

  • Holothrix randii by Duncan McFarlane
  • Holothrix randii by Duncan McFarlane


The plant reaches a maximum height of between 240 and 350 mm. The flowers have green sepals and have a basal deep maroon blotch. The petals and lip are white and the flowers have a distinct spidery appearance. It flowers when the grass is still dry, or has burnt. The new leaves appear after the first good rainfall.


This rare terrestrial orchid has only been seen in the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve, in one spot, but with several plants being evident. It was fairly common up to 1970, but urbanisation has put paid to that.


The plants grow in open and often rocky grassland.

Flowering Period

September to November.

References and Sources

Text and photos by Duncan Mc Farlane
Proof-read and edited by Karsten Wodrich

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