Eulophia inaequalis

Eulophia inaequalis

Eulophia inaequalis (previously known as Eulophia clavicornis var. inaequalis)

  • Eulophia inaequalis by Duncan McFarlane
  • Eulophia inaequalis by Duncan McFarlane


The Eulophia inaequalis grows up to 35cm, with sepals that are yellow on the outside and a greenish yellow on the inside. The spur is prominent and reddish in colour. Between 5 and 15 flowers are evident between August and November.


This pre-rain species has a similar widespread distribution to Eulophia hians and is found in all provinces except the Cape and Mpumulanga.


It is usually found on rocky slopes and grasslands, often alongside Eulophia hians.

Flowering Period

August to November

Refrences and Sources

Article and photographs by Duncan Mc Farlane
Edited by Karsten Wodrich

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