Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi - WOSA Chapters


How you can help?

WOSA has established a and is forming Provincial Chapters, who will coordinate conservation activities in their regions. WOSA has a Facebook page for communication and promotion which can be accessed through the icon on the website. Chapters will identify and record orchid colonies on undeveloped land in their regions. They will work with the Provinces and EIA consultants to identify the existence of orchids in development sites and take the appropriate action. WOSA are also researching the translocation of orchids where it has been agreed that development will be allowed. Translocation is a complex issue which will still take some time and research to resolve as ground orchids do not survive in most cases when translocated.
The largest threat to species loss is the destruction of natural habitat.
WOSA is a pro-active group which will educate the public on the existence and value of indigenous orchids and the need to conserve this National Heritage for future generations. This will be enhanced by the creation of protected areas for orchids.
Our success will be measured by the number of people on the ground throughout the country who will actively support our activities.
Contact a Chapter in your area and join this noble cause.


How to get involved and form a new chapter.

An individual or group of individuals can work together to form a Chapter and record orchid sites in a selected area. Following a little leg work, record the orchid plants in the area, locate the land owners, managers, number and species of plants and place this information on your own database, then post it on our central database. Be vigilant on these sites and be prepared to assist with data for EIA's and to take appropriate action in case of development, and if necessary mount a petition or rescue operation of plants if this is the final but not ideal step. Motivate the creation of new conservation areas or reserves in the region where translocated plants can find a new home in the same region.


Contact a chapter in your area

East Rand Chapter(EROS)

Witwatersrand Chapter(WOS)

Pretoria Chapter(ONT)


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Wild Orchids Southern Africa(WOSA)

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