Eulophia clitellifera

Eulophia clitellifera

  • Eulohpia clitellifera by Duncan McFarlane
  • Eulohpia clitellifera by Duncan McFarlane


They grow up to 28cm and are characterised by their broad and somewhat succulent grey-green leaves. Flowers are a pale green with red / marroon striping and edging. The lip is cream with yellow ridging. Between 5 and 25 flowers are evident from as early as July and continue until October. 


The Eulophia clitellifera is more isolated in Gauteng (although recorded in most other provinces as well). Many recorded sites have already been destroyed by urbanisation. 


It is usually found in grasslands, in coarse and sandy loam. 

Flowering Period

July to October

Refrences and Sources

Article and photographs by Duncan Mc Farlane
Edited by Karsten Wodrich

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