Albertina Sisulu Orchid

Conservation Efforts

Save Mogale City’s critically endangered Albertina Sisulu Orchid!

A Mogale developer has been given approval to build high density housing on the site of a beautiful, enigmatic and critically endangered Albertina Sisulu Orchid. Mogale residents are outraged.

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If the housing development goes ahead, the indigenous Albertina Sisulu Orchid (Brachycorythis conica subsp. Transvaalensis) will be lost for ever. 

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Brachychorythis conica subsp. transvaalensis - Conservation Plan

A Project proposal by Wild Orchids Southern Africa
(WOSA1 Collaboration with the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden (WSNBG2).

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WOSA is a sub‐committee of the Witwatersrand Orchid Society concerned with the conservation of
South Africa’s naturally occurring diversity of orchid species. Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden (WSNBG) is a national conservation garden under the South African National Biodiversity Institute. These two organs have come together in collaboration to promote the sustainability and conservation of the species in question and the habitat that supports it.


For more information regarding the preservation of South Africa's wild Orchids or if you would like to get involved please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete this short form Contact Us and we will contact you.