Brachycorythis ovata

Brachycorythis ovata

  • Brachycorythis ovata by Duncan McFarlane


This terrestrial orchid can grow up to 600 mm tall and is characterised by the leaves, which form bracts below the flowers. The inflorescence is densely packed with about 60 flowers (up to 100 have been recorded), which are white and suffused with shades of mauve/pink to purple.



I have only seen a solitary Brachycorythis ovata plant in Suikerbosrand, growing on the verge alongside the road, however, it has also been seen recently in the Krugersdorp area. It is usually found as a solitary plant, or in a small group, although it is fairly widespread into the EC, KZN, SWZ and MP as well.


It is usually found in sunny grassland, but also on steep hillsides and more recently, on the banks of roadsides.

Flowering Period

November to January.

References and Sources

Text and photos by Duncan Mc Farlane
Proof-read and edited by Karsten Wodrich

  • Brachycorythis ovata by Duncan McFarlane
  • Brachycorythis ovata by Duncan McFarlane
  • Brachycorythis ovata by Lourens Grobler
  • Brachycorythis ovata by Martin Rautenbach

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