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To conserve southern African indigenous orchids in their natural habitat.

To engender a real interest in indigenous orchids which will render them valuable and worthy of protection.

WOSA supports and partners in efforts to preserve orchid habitats and works with land managers and owners to create conservancies and reserves as well assisting with restoring indigenous orchids where populations have declined. WOSA aims to establish seed and fungi collections to support research and conservation.

To develop protocols and procedures for the propagation of indigenous orchids to assure successful establishment and maintenance in natural habitats where populations are declining or have been lost due to development.

Indigenous orchids are a natural treasure and their survival can only be assured by an effective education program to elicit the support of the public, Government, agriculture and industry. This will be achieved by informative articles in the media, social networking, exhibitions and active engagement with all roll players.

Wild orchids have highly complex reproductive systems ( often dependent on a specific pollinator ) and interesting system for nutrition ( involving a symbiotic relationship with a fungi ) that assures the species survival. This helps to explain why most orchids cannot be grown in captivity. Take a photo and conserve the orchid in situ, for future generations to enjoy it in its natural habitat.

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The WOSA Constitution incorporating amendments required by SARS for registration as a Public Benefit Organisation, reference number 930050871 dd. 2015.11.14


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Very little is known about indigenous orchids by the public who are largely unaware that there are just under 500 species of which 45 are endemic (only occur in South Africa). Very little research has been carried out regarding ecology, conservation and propagation although a number of species have become extinct and habitat destruction is progressing at an alarming rate. Up until now there has been no attempt to address these issues on a National scale and Provincial legislation and cooperation is fragmented. Only through a focused National integrated effort that engages the public and all roll players will survival of orchids be assured.

For more information regarding the preservation of South Africa's wild Orchids or if you would like to get involved please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete this short form Contact Us and we will contact you.