OrchidMap - Orchid distribution data with your assistance



Traditionally orchid distribution data was recorded by collecting herbarium specimens. OrchidMap takes the recording of orchid distribution data into the 20th century. Anyone can now contribute to the distribution data by simply uploading photos of any orchid found in its natural habitat - together with location data - into OrchidMap. Any contributions are welcome!

This location data can then used for a multitude of applications - from Environmental Impact Assessments through to determining correlations of flowering time with climatic conditions. The data is now accessible to anyone -  from the serious researcher right through to the orchid enthusiast. 

Detail location data is securely protected and maps and locations publicly accessible in OrchidMap are restricted to squares of approx. 26km x 26km. 

OrchidMap is part of the Virtual Museum maintained by the Animal Demography Unit (ADU) at the University of Cape Town                                                                                                                                                 

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